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How Deep - Rap

can you tell me how deep is your love?

what happen with our song?

now i don’t hear it all long

is just that i feel to much pain

cause you never said that you where traying to live me here

trying to rehear

i don’t find the words to explain our love

but i know that is more than a song

hey can you tell me how deep is you love?

you still think in our song?

we said that nobody was going to break us

but we make the break up.

our fears, our dreams everithing

are like nothing now

thats because we don’t have a deep love?

come on you know taht we are more than a song

please tell me that you love is deep as mine

and i’m swear i’ll come back.

I know your eyes in the morning sun

yeha, i know you know that line

you sing it to me

don’t thell me was a lie

were living in a world of fools

we know that, so why we act like that

babe you you toll me ì love you

how can i forget if i said me too

Youre my saviour when I fall

you are a sailor in my life

I really need to learn

how to make you come back

We belong to you and me

don’t make me feel like i’m a freak

i love you every week

hey i don’t care the song

i just whant to you tell me about your love

can you tell me how deep is your love?

I wanna feel you in my arms again

is that too much to ask?

in my desk leave my hart

writing this words to make you

feel a bit more secure to tell me

how deep is your love.

cause i know you come to me on a summer breeze

Keep me warm in your love and then softly leave

And it’s me you need to show

how deep is your love

baby please tell me how deep?




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